Dolphins Quiz 1

Description: Prepare to take the Dolphin Challenge. Test your knowledge about dolphins by choosing the best answer for each question. Good luck!

1. On average, how long do most dolphins live?

5 years
10 years
25 years
40 years

2. When did dolphins first appear on earth?

50 million years ago as land animals.
10 million years ago as water mammals.
10,000 years ago as fish.
4000 years ago as dolphin-like fish.

3. How deep can some dolphins dive?

100 meters
300 meters
500 meters
1000 meters

4.Judging by the amount of spots on this dolphin, how old is it?

a calf, only 1-2 years old
an older adult

5. What is the maximum amount of time a bottlenose dolphin can hold its breath?

3 minutes
8 minutes
15 minutes
20 minutes

6. Dolphins use _________ to navigate and find food that is not visible.

X-ray vision

7. Dolphins sleep ....

Closing one eye at a time, allowing one side of the brain to rest while using the other to watch for predators.
Nestled underneath a rocky overhang to protect themselves from predators.
In shallow waters so they can surface every 8 minutes for air.
In groups. Half the pod sleeps while the other half watches for predators.

8. True or False: Orcas, or killer whales, are actually large dolphins.


9. How are dolphin calves born?

they hatch from eggs left by the mother on the ocean floor.
by a live birth, much like humans.
by starting out as a "tadpole" and transforming into a baby dolphin.
by hatching from an egg left on the beach by the mother and then wobbling instinctively to the water, like sea turtles.

10. What do young dolphins learn from their mothers?

to forage for food
to socialize in the pod
to defend itself from other dolphins
all of the above

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