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This Atlantic spotted dolphin may be using echolocation to search for food hidden beneath the white sand. Dolphins are the only ocean animal with this special sense.

Scientists can estimate the age of Atlantic spotted dolphins by their spots. The more spots, the older the dolphin. This is likely a “middle-aged” dolphin (approximately 20 years old).

Kathleen jumps into the water with her special dolphin recording equipment, the mobile video acoustic array. She earns boat time to study dolphins while working as a shipboard naturalist, educating the public on “dolphin watching” boat tours in the Bahamas.

The IMAX® crew filmed dolphins late in the day when they were near shore. In the afternoon these dolphins swim out to deeper waters in search of fish and squid.

Dolphins form tight bonds with others in their pod or social group.

Dusky dolphins begin their hunt for anchovies in small groups. When one or more of these groups spot their prey, they signal other duskies by leaping into the air and swimming quickly toward the anchovies.

Though it varies with each dolphin species, these Atlantic spotted dolphins can stay underwater for up to eight minutes before surfacing to breathe.

Alejandro enjoys sharing his work as a scientist with school children, like these students in Hope Town in the Bahamas.

Kathleen always has time for a game of checkers with her neighbors in Elbow Cay in the Bahamas.

Brad Ohlund, a cameraman for MacGillivray Freeman Films, readies a shot in windy Patagonia.

Dolphins Producer and Director Greg MacGillivray prepares the IMAX® camera while Bernd, Alejandro and Kathleen pose for yet another picture! Smile everybody!

This bull elephant seal and his harem live along the shores of Patagonia in Argentina.

Dean Bernal swims almost daily with JoJo, a lone bottlenose dolphin in the Turks and Caicos. It is extremely rare for dolphins to seek human companionship and it took many years for Dean to gain JoJo’s trust.

The scientists return from a long day of studying dolphins in the beautiful Bahamas.

Greg MacGillivray focuses his Imax® camera on a pod of dolphins off the San Diego coast. The boat was chartered from Captain Dave at

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