Dolphins Companion Books

In March 2000, National Geographic Books will release two companion books for Dolphins – an adult and a children’s edition.

Dolphins, written by best-selling outdoor author Tim Cahill, is an oversize, lavishly illustrated book with over 125 photographs, including many images from the film. With Cahill’s characteristic wit and humor, Dolphins leads readers on a lively adventure into the lives and careers of three marine scientists featured in the film – Drs. Kathleen Dudzinski, Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez, and Bernd Würsig. Over twenty marine biologists have contributed fascinating essays on all aspects of dolphin life, from anatomy and intelligence, to communication and environmental threats. Cahill will be sent on a ten-city media tour at the time of publication.

Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski shares her personal story working with wild dolphins in Meeting Dolphins: My Adventures In The Sea, a companion book for children. Young readers will be fascinated and inspired by her account of how she got started in the marine sciences and what it’s like studying dolphin communication. Written for children ages eight years and older, and including stunning images from the film, the book will become an excellent resource for all children interested in dolphins and marine science. Meeting Dolphins: My Adventures In The Sea has been selected for the Children’s Book of the Month Club.

To order the Dolphins companion books, please visit or, or look for it at your local Dolphins Exhibitor's gift shore.